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Central Vietnam Tours are a wonderful choice for all clients who are landing at the Da Nang, Phu Bai and Dong Hoi International Airport and want to explore Hue Imperial City and surrounding areas of Central Vietnam. By booking Central Vietnam Tour Packages, you will have an excellent time to explore Vietnam’s outstanding world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO with impressive caves in Phong Nha National Park, the antique architectures of Hue monuments and the Immaterial World Heritage of royal music called “Nha Nhac Cung Dinh”, the charming beauty of Hoi An ancient town as well as contemplating Cham Towers in My Son Holyland and traditional music shows and so on.

Vietnam Shore Excursions greets you with open heart and brings to you interesting and wonderful impressions from our package tours in Central Vietnam.

Popular Destinations for Your Central Vietnam Tours

Are you traveling to Vietnam? Do you want to discover all the hidden charms and beauties of Central Vietnam and you do not know how to find and book private Central Vietnam Tours for you and your family? Vietnam Shore Excursions is here to share you about this experience to give you, hopefully, some knowledge before you get useful insight about Central Vietnam. This is all you need to take note!

Da Nang

Da Nang is a coastal city in central Vietnam known for its sandy beaches and history as a French colonial port. It’s a popular base for visiting the inland Ba Na hills, located to the west of the city. Here the Hai Van Pass has views of Da Nang Bay and the Marble Mountains, 5 limestone outcrops that are home to pagodas and caves containing Buddhist shrines.

Nowhere in Vietnam is changing as fast as Danang. For decades it had a reputation as a provincial backwater, but big changes are ongoing. Stroll along the Han riverfront and you’ll find gleaming new modernist hotels, and apartments and restaurants are emerging. Spectacular new bridges now span the Han River, and in the north of the city, the landmark new D-City is rising from the flatlands. Add this destination for your Central Vietnam Tours.

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Golden Bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam


Hue is known as the capital of imperial Vietnam for 143 years, shining with the glories of the old times. The city has a peculiar kind of conservative beauty and slow-paced lifestyle. Emperors’ tombs, Imperial Citadel, historic relics, beautiful beaches to poetic Perfume River, Dong Ba Market, Thien Mu Pagoda – Hue is just like a hidden gem of Central Vietnam where you can forget the flow of time. And these are just the most obvious things to do in Hue, just a scratch of what this beautiful city can offer. Add this destination to your Central Vietnam Tours.

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Hue Imperial City, Vietnam

My Son Sanctuary

Between the 4th and 13th centuries a unique culture which owed its spiritual origins to Indian Hinduism developed on the coast of contemporary Viet Nam. This is graphically illustrated by the remains of a series of impressive tower-temples located in a dramatic site that was the religious and political capital of the Champa Kingdom for most of its existence.

my son sanctuary shore excursions
My Son Sanctuary, Vietnam

DMZ Vietnam

Settled along Ben Hai River, 100km to the north of Hue, covering a vast area of Quang Tri and Hue, this small land looks so tranquil that no one may think it used to be one of the bloodiest battles in Central Vietnam during Vietnam War in the 60s, 70s of the previous centuries. Between 1954 and 1975, this area- now called Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Vietnam served as a war-free buffer between the North and the South but still suffered from massive bomb attacks and death from both sides. Together with former American military bases buildings, monuments dedicated to local war heroes, US combat base-turned-museum and war relics scattered around, DMZ in Vietnam has become an icon of a war zone in Vietnam that attracts millions of veterans and historical lovers. To go around this special area, you will surely need a local guide with a strong knowledge of the Vietnam war.

dmz vietnam tours
DMZ Vietnam Tours

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

The Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2003, covered 85,754 hectares. With this extension, the site covers a total surface area of 123,326 hectares (a 46 % increase) and shares a boundary with the Hin Namno Nature Reserve in the People’s Democratic Republic of Laos. The Park’s landscape is formed by limestone plateau and tropical forests. It features great geological diversity and offers spectacular phenomena, including a large number of caves and underground rivers. The site harbors a high level of biodiversity and many endemic species. The extension ensures a more coherent ecosystem while providing additional protection to the catchment areas that are of vital importance for the integrity of limestone landscapes.

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Paradise Cave in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam

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