Hien Luong Bridge: A Symbol of The Desire for Peace

Hien Luong Bridge Ben Hai River - Vietnam Shore Excursions

Hien Luong Bridge is a bridge that spans the Ben Hai River in the Vinh Linh District of Quang Tri Province on Vietnam’s North Central Coast. It will always be a symbol of Viet Nam’s eternal desire for peace, national independence, and reunification.

Hien Luong Bridge - Ben Hai River - Vietnam Shore Excursions

Hien Luong Bridge Location

Hien Luong Bridge is located in Vinh Linh District, Quang Trị Province, North Central Coast, Vietnam It is over Ben Hai River and in the 17th Parallel. In the Vietnam War, it was bisected between South Vietnam and North Vietnam from 1954 to 1976.

Hien Luong Bridge and Ben Hai River - Vietnam Shore Excursions

Ben Hai River and Hien Luong Bridge History

The Geneva Agreements on Vietnam signed in 1954 divided Vietnam into North and South with the 17th Parallel where the Ben Hai River runs through the central province of Quang Tri as a borderline. The temporary division was only expected to last two years, but it then remained for 21 years along with the great struggle for national reunification.

Hien Luong Bridge

Throughout this prolonged period, the Hien Luong Bridge in Vinh Thanh village in Vinh Linh district of Quang Tri province symbolized the division, expectations and the pain of loss and Separation. The Bridge represents the desire for national reunification. The soldiers and people of Quang Tri have been side by side with soldiers and people nationwide demonstrating their ingenuity, bravery, and great loyalty for the nation to win the prolonged struggle, creating glorious pages in the history.

Hien Luong Bridge is also the witness of victory that led to the national reunification in Spring 1975. Hien Luong Bridge was a political, diplomatic and military front. War ended a long time ago and Hien Luong Bridge stood the test of time to remind people about the country’s tragic but ultimately victorious past.

Hien Luong Bridge - Vietnam Shore Excursions

Things to do in Hien Luong Bridge and Ben Hai River

The frontier flag in the present northern shore

The bridge is painted yellow and blue, a remembrance of the paint battle that fiercely occurred between north and south banks. Every time the north bank was painted blue, the south bank painted over it in yellow. This war kept going on until 1960, when both colors were maintained on either side. In 2014, Hien Luong Bridge was first repainted to blue and yellow as it existed, emphasizing the unified desire of the Vietnamese people.

The frontier flag in the present northern shore - Vietnam Shore Excursions

Two Hien Luong bridges, view from the southern bank

Hien Luong Flagpole includes two parts: the pedestal and the flagpole. The pedestal is a structure built higher than the monument ground. The flagpole is 28 meters high, and made from 6 steel pipes linked together. Steel bars are attached along the pole, creating a ladder running from the bottom to the top. A cable system, pulleys and winches are used to hang the flag.

Statue of Borderland Security’s Soldier

The statue is designed with concrete casting materials, surface-coated nanotubes, with a weight of 60 tons, 15m high, and 6.8 meters wide. It was inaugurated on August 19, 2018.

Statue of Borderland Security's Soldier - Vietnam Shore Excursions

Unified Memorial of Hope Monument

The monument is located on the southern bank of Ben Hai River, east of National Highway 1A, and has an area of ​​2,700 square-meters. The monument consists of two parts: the platform and the statue. The platform has a relief plate on one side, which is assembled from stone blocks with different sizes. The statue is the image of a Southern mother (7.70m high) and her son (5.50m high), created from Thanh Hoa green stone.

Unified Memorial of Hope Monument - Vietnam Shore Excursions

Hien Luong Bridge and Ben Hai River Map

How to get to Hien Luong Bridge and Ben Hai River?

You can get Hien Luong Bridge and Ben Hai by a taxi or motorbike from Quang Tri Center. But If you stay in Hue City, you should book the DMZ Tour Hue from Vietnam Shore Excursions. This is the best way to explore the DMZ Vietnam including the Hien Luong Bridge, Ben Hai River, Vinh Moc Tunnels as well as the Rockpile Vietnam.

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