Lang Co Beach Hue: A Hidden Charm of Hue City

Lang Co Beach

Lang Co Beach

Overview of Lang Co Beach

Lang Co beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the face of the earth. It’s a place that combines mountains, rivers, seas, and lagoons. At present, it still remains on top of the wish list of many travelers and is the most stunning natural coastal landscape in Vietnam. Being situated between Da Nang city and Hue, Lang Co is a perfect stop if you are traveling between these two cities. Join Vietnam Shore Excursions for a rewarding trip to this location!

Lang Co Beach Hue
Lang Co Beach from The Air

Where is Lang Co Beach Hue?

Lang Co beach is located in Lang Co town, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province. It is more than 60 kilometers from Hue city and about 25 kilometers away from Da Nang city, right at the foot of the famous Hai Van pass. Lang Co is considered “an all-in-one place” with majestic mountains, white sand banks, and pure seawater filled with warm sunshine.

Lang Co Beach Vietnam
Hidden Charms and Beauties of Lang Co Beach

The weather of Lang Co Beach

Lang Co bay is in the tropical monsoon climate. Lang Co Hue is also impacted by ocean wind and land wind. Every year, the average temperature is around 28oC. The hottest temperature is in June, July is about 41oC, and the coldest is in December at 8oC.

During French control, Lang Co was known as “An Cu”. Another name of Lang Co is “Stork village”. The old saying is that Lang Co has a lot of storks coming every year, so the locals named Lang Co for it. After that, local people usually call it “Lang Co”.

Lang Co Beach - Vietnam Shore Excursions
Lang Co Beach – A great place for relaxing and resting

Lang Co Beach Hue is also a popular destination for cruise ship passengers who stop at Chan May Port. Here are the best options:

Must-try activities at Lang Co beach Vietnam

Get relaxed at Lang Co beach

Lang Co features a stunning and long stretch of beach in the shape of an arc, with the mountains of Bach Ma National Park in the background. The 10-kilometer-long beach with its fine yellow and white sand looks very inviting. If you think that spending time at the beach is only about swimming, there’s a lot more that you’re missing out on, such as: enjoying the warm breeze, indulging in some magazines, or renting a boat to go around. A stroll along the beach in the evening will take you to a number of excellent seafood eateries.

Catch the sunrise on Canh Duong beach

Canh Duong is located just below Laguna, next to Chan May port in Loc Vinh commune. The smooth arc of white sand embracing the immense sea has made thousands of visitors fall in love with this beach in Lang Co Bay. Coming to Canh Duong beach, you should try watching the sunrise gradually appear on the horizon. This moment will bring you not only inner peace but also a lot of amazing photos.

The sunrise on Canh Duong beach
The sunrise on Canh Duong beach

Go fishing in Lap An lagoon

Lap An lagoon, nestled between the beautiful Bach Ma National Park and Lang Co bay, resembles a fairy’s hair on the fabulous Lang Co sea painting.

Lap An’s water is blackish – a blend of fresh and salty water. In the sunset, Lap An lagoon glistens like a huge mirror reflecting the sky.

Coming to the lagoon, you can also see many tiny boats of the local fishermen floating along the water surface. Trying fishing with the locals while enjoying the airy, peaceful space will definitely help you unwind from a hectic life.

Go fishing in Lap An lagoon
Go fishing in Lap An lagoon

Explore Bach Ma National Park

Having entered Lang Co beach, you should not miss Bach Ma National Park which has the most pleasant climate in Indochina with cool temperatures all year round, fluctuating between 10 and 22°C. You will be surprised by the huge ecosystem with about 500 species of plants and many kinds of rare creatures residing here. This is also a favorite place of tourists who are passionate about trekking and want to discover their limits as well as see the beauty of nature. You can book Bach Ma National Park Tour if you want to have the best services to understand more about Bach Ma National park.

Explore Bach Ma National Park
Explore Bach Ma National Park

Admire the beauty of Lang Co Bay from the Hai Van pass

The Hai Van Pass is an old highway that was built prior to the construction of the 6.2-kilometer-long tunnel. Between Da Nang and Lang Co, this route winds its way through the mountains. On the top are some breathtaking views capturing the entire Lang Co and some US outpost ruins left from the war.

Admire the beauty of Lang Co Bay from the Hai Van pass
Admire the beauty of Lang Co Bay from the Hai Van pass

Watch the sunset of Tam Giang lagoon

The site is located in Phong Dien, Quang Dien, Huong Tra, 15 kilometers away from Hue City. It is where the Perfume, Bo, and O Lau rivers converge before flowing into the sea through the Thuan An estuary. Tam Giang Lagoon‘s natural beauty and tranquility is to be admired and enjoyed by anybody visiting.

Watch the sunset of Tam Giang lagoon
Watch the sunset of Tam Giang lagoon

What to eat at Lang Co Beach Da Nang – Hue

The impression about Lang Co is that it not only has a poetic view but also many specialties of the sea such as steamed crab with lemongrass, grilled oyster with cheese, sea crab hot pot, crab cake soup, scallop sauce, etc. The seafood in Lang Co has become well-known because it is really cheap yet super fresh and tasty. Tourists visiting Lang Co can’t help trying the excellent seafood delicacies on offer.

Lang Co Beach Hue - Vietnam Shore Excursions
Grilled Oyster in Lang Co Beach

Map of Lang Co Beach Hue


How to get to Lang Co Beach Hue?

  • Plane: For travelers departing from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, there are daily flights from these cities to Hue available on many different airlines. Upon landing at Phu Bai airport – Hue, you could move to Lang Co beach by taxi, which normally takes one hour.
  • Train: This is ideal for those who have plenty of time and want to admire the beauty of Vietnam along the way. Before moving from Hue to Lang Co beach, you first book train tickets from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to Hue. The ticket price ranges from 350,000 VND to 1,200,000 VND depending on the class.
  • Coach: The coaches to Hue are usually North-South sleeper coaches. The fare ranges from 300,000 VND to 450,000 VND/ticket.
  • Taxi: You may take a taxi from Da Nang International Airport to Lang Co. Most taxis are metered and will cost roughly 450,000 VND inclusive of tolls and airport exit fees.
How to get to Lang Co beach Hue
Experience with US Army Jeep and Explore Lang Co Beach

If you go in a large group and want to cut down on travel time, it is highly recommended that you hire a private car to go there. Here are some tours you can join to explore all the hidden charms and beauties of Lang Co Beach.

Things to remember when visiting Lang Co Vietnam

  • Be careful when bathing in Lang Co beach, especially in deep water areas
  • Lang Co is located quite far from the city center, so there are few entertainment activities in the evening
  • Before buying things for gifts, it’s best to negotiate with sellers

As one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, Lang Co beach Hue promises to bring unforgettable experiences to tourists from all over the world.

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