Long Hung Church: An Evidence of Vietnam War

Long Hung Church - Vietnam Shore Excursions

Are you traveling to Vietnam and you want to visit DMZ Vietnam with Long Hung Church, Hien Luong BridgeVinh Moc TunnelsThe Rockpile Vietnam? But you do not know how to admire the ancient architecture and learn historical stories about this place in the best ways. Please refer to the Vietnam Shore Excursions’s article below.

Long Hung Church

Long Hung Church Introduction

Long Hung Church in Quang Tri is considered as evidence of great historical value about the counter-attack against the American puppet army to retake Quang Tri land. Also at this church, our army and people launched a series of large counterattacks and suffered a lot of pain. Those wars have brought great significance and contributed to the liberation of Quang Tri Citadel after 81 days and nights of fighting.

Long Hung Church - Vietnam Shore Excursions

Where is Long Hung Church?

Long Hung Church is located on National Highway 1A, near White Bridge, in Long Hung village, Hai Phu commune, Hai Lang district, Quang Tri province. This place was built to worship Christianity in Hung Long village, with a total area of ​​1220m2, including a bell tower in front, a cross mounted on top, and a large chapel and corridor. Since the fight to protect Quang Tri Citadel, the church has been destroyed by bombs and bullets. Long Hung Church in Quang Tri is a war relic marking the heroic battle of our army and people.

Long Hung Church Vietnam - Vietnam Shore Excursions

Long Hung Church History

The Long Hung church, built in 1955, is a church of Catholic people in the area. Besides, it is a component in the relic complex of the event of the 81-day and night battle in Quang Tri town.

Furthermore, this church was built to worship Christianity in Hung Long village, with a total area of 1220m2. The church has an octagonal bell tower in front, above with a cross, a wide synagogue, and corridors on both sides. However, the church was ruined after the war to protect Quang Tri Citadel due to the bombardment of bombs, grenades, and bullets.

In 1972, Vietnamese soldiers and civilians fought valiantly against counterattacks by Americans and the southern army to prevent reoccupying Quang Tri town. Therefore, the church was one of the important strategic locations for protecting the town.

Long Hung Church Vietnam

At this place, the Vietnamese Liberation Army fought hundreds of enemy counter-attacks. Thus, they helped protect the Quang Tri Ancient Citadel of 81 days and nights of history.

Therefore, the Long Hung church memorializes the bravery of Vietnamese soldiers and people. As a result, the church was ranked as a National Relic in 1986. Visiting the church, you will understand more about the pain and loss caused by the war on the soldiers and people in Quang Tri.Besides

Long Hung Church Map

How to get to Long Hung Church?

The church is located right on Highway 1A in Hai Lang district, so to get to Long Hung church you need to take a plane, train, or bus to get to Hai Lang district. Long Hung Church is about 10.4 km from the center of Hai Lang district, to reach this place you can easily go by motorbike in the direction of Thuong Xa village or Lien Xa or Le Duan village.

Note that you should bring all the necessary documents and can lookup google maps when you are not familiar with the road. In case you do not know the way, you can hire a taxi or motorbike taxi to easily reach this church. The best way to see this place is to book DMZ Tour from Hue from Vietnam Shore Excursions with private services.

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