Love Lock Bridge Da Nang – A Witness for Eternal Love

love lock bridge da nang

Admiring the beauty of the Love Lock Bridge Da Nang, the “most livable city” of Vietnam, is an activity that you should not miss when visiting this charming city. With the river view right in the city, located next to the most beautiful coast on the planet and Marble Mountain ranges, Da Nang is always loved for its beautiful natural landscapes. Love Lock Bridge Da Nang is a famous destination that creates the feeling of going from one legend to another legend.

love lock bridge da nang

Da Nang Love Lock Bridge Location

This bridge is located between the Dragon Bridge Da Nang and Han River Bridge, located towards the middle of the river so standing from here, you can admire the surrounding scenery and the other side of the city center. Coming to the Love Lock Bridge Da Nang in the evening is the most ideal because at this time, the lantern hanging along the bridge starts to light, reflecting the glittering red light down the river surface, creating an extremely romantic scenery.

Love Lock Da Nang Bridge at Night Time

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang has a length of 68m in the Han River. The bridge is designed in an arc shape and was inaugurated in 2015. And since it opened, this place has become a tourist attraction that attracts a large number of tourists. Love Lock Bridge is inspired by famous bridges in the world such as Pont des Arts (France), Hohenzollern (Germany), Tretriakovsky (Russia), or Milvio (Italy). Different in terms of design but having the same meaning that couples who love each other will come here to hang the lock with the names of the two of them, their love will be forever strong and faithful, and cannot be separated.

You can bring your own locks or buy them at the store next to the bridge. The locks here are also molded into a heart shape – the most romantic symbol of love for couples. After the lock is securely hung on the bridge, they often throw or hide the key to make sure that no one can open it.

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang at Night Time - Vietnam Shore Excursions

At international firework festivals or Tet holidays, Da Nang Love Lock Bridge is an ideal place to fully admire the special fireworks display with beautiful, wide, airy, and absolutely clear view.

You may be interested in one of our Da Nang Tours: Da Nang City Tour with a local guide, Da Nang Shore Excursions, Da Nang Food Tour or Ba Na Hills Tour. Booking this tour, you will have a great day trip to visit all the Da Nang highlight attractions, and natural landscapes as well as visit the Love Bridge Da Nang.

Where to Buy Love Locks?

These are metal padlocks which have no keys. They are sold on the bridge and the designing and name engraving is done on spot. You can get name initials, full name, dates, or message engraved on your lock. After that you can lock it on the side of the bridge. Some people place two locks, locked together with their names.

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang - Vietnam Shore Excursions

The Love Shaped Lanterns on the bridge

As if to increase the romance and meaning of love stories on the bridge, each lantern pole forms a heart shape. Many restaurants and eateries of the city have also taken this image of a lantern as proof of love and fidelity.

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang - Vietnam Shore Excursions

The statue of a carp turning into a dragon

The image of a carp turning into a dragon is a spiritual symbol of Vietnamese people, representing luck and success. Moreover, it is the symbol for those who have the qualities of resilience, perseverance, and desire to rise in life.

Vietnam Shore Excursions

Visitors who look at the image of carp becoming dragons as a reminder to always try and consistently overcome challenges in life. Not only that, but this is also a symbol for Da Nang people to always aim for civilized and modern life, but without losing the unique features of the national culture.

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang is one of the highlight tourist attractions of the city. This place has witnessed many romantic love stories of couples. If you have the opportunity to visit Da Nang city, do not forget to check in at this special place.

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang Map

How to get to Love Lock Bridge Da Nang

It’s very easy to get to Love Lock Bridge. You can walk to get here if your hotel is in the center of Da Nang City. You can hire a taxi or motorbike to go to the bridge as well. If you want to see the bridge in the best ways, please contact Vietnam Shore Excursions, they can customize a special tour for you and your group.

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