Marble Mountain Da Nang: A Key Attractions in Da Nang

Marble Mountain Da Nang

Marble Mountain Da Nang is a natural masterpiece bestowed to the land of Da Nang. With the harmonious beauty of the ecological area and the spiritual and cultural life, this destination attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world. Don’t hesitate to read the information below and make plans for a trip to Marble Mountain Da Nang!

Marble Mountain Da Nang - Vietnam Shore Excursions

Location of Marble Mountain Da Nang

Marble Mountain Da Nang Vietnam is located at 81 Huyen Tran Cong Chua, Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang city. Situated 8 kilometers away from the city center, Marble Mountain Da Nang is a cluster of five limestone peaks in Vietnam. Located on the route of Hue Imperial Citadel – Marble Mountains – Hoi An Ancient Town – My Son Sanctuary, Marble Mountains Da Nang has a favorable geographical position which allows tourists to also visit many other famous heritage sites in the Central Region.

Marble Mountains Da Nang - Vietnam Shore Excursions

The History of Marble Mountain Da Nang

According to ancient folklore, a dragon emerged from the water on Non Nuoc Beach and laid an egg. A thousand days and a thousand nights followed before the egg hatched, and out stepped a beautiful girl. The fragments of the shell were left on the beach and eventually grew into the five mystical Marble Mountains.

Today, one of the most popular highlights is climbing up the Marble Mountains and enjoying spectacular views across Non Nuoc, also known as My Khe Beach. The Mountain of Water which is home to pagodas dating back to the 17th century and a number of caves is one the most frequented climbs with a steep hike up stone steps to Tam Quan Gate and its superb vistas to Mount Kim Son or Metal Mountain and the coastline from the Riverview Tower located next to the gate. The Riverview Tower dates back to the 18th century and the reign of the Emperor Minh Mang.

Xa Loi Tower - Vietnam Shore Excursions

Close by is Van Nguyet Grotto which is a nice resting spot where you can grab a fresh coconut to drink. The Lantern Cave is also worth a look, small but deep and filled with lava along with Am Phu Cave which heads down to a very scenic viewpoint.

You should allow up to four hours to explore all of Marble Mountain Da Nang so it’s good to start early when it is not so hot and of course wear comfortable shoes, and if you can, bring a torch. Vietnamese children sell souvenirs at Marble Mountain Da Nang and you can expect to be hassled until you’ve either bought a gift or ‘tipped’ them a few dollars for a ‘guided tour’.

Marble Mountain Da Nang Entrance Fee and Opening Hours

To visit the Marble Mountains of Vietnam, you have to buy entrance tickets. The Marble Mountain Da Nang price costs 40,000 VND roughly 2 USD for a person. If you would like to take the elevator to go up, it costs 15,000 VND/per person. Children under 10 years old are free. The Marble Mountain opening hours are from 7 am to 6 pm every day of the year and even on New Year as well.

Marble Mountain Da Nang Entrance Fee - Vietnam Shore Excursions

The Best Time to Visit Marble Mountain Da Nang

Located in the middle of Vietnam, there are two seasons in Da Nang: dry season (from December to August) and rain season (from September to November). Therefore, tourists can visit the Marble Mountains at any time of the year.

However, the best time to visit Marble Mountain Da Nang is summer time when people can combine swimming with natural beaches in Da Nang or Hoi An as My Khe Beach and An Bang Beach. If tourists are travelling in summer, not only will they experience the mountain clusters at its finest but also discover Vietnam at its most beautiful time of the year.

During this time, people can go hiking since the weather is not too hot.

Because of typhoon season in Vietnam and rain season in Da Nang, the weather can be unpredictable and the stairs of the mountains can become very slippery as well.

Marble Mountains Trail Map

Marble Mountains Trail Map - Vietnam Shore Excursions

Must-see attractions in Marble Mountains Da Nang

Linh Ung Pagoda

Situated on the eastern side of Water Mountain, Linh Ung Pagoda is an unmissable destination when visiting Marble Mountains. With a history of more than 200 years, the pagoda attracts a lot of visitors who worship Buddha or want to ease their mind in the tranquility of a spiritual site.

The most prominent features of Linh Ung Pagoda are the 10-meter-tall Buddha statue and Xa Loi Tower. Xa Loi Tower, which was built in 1997, is 28 meters tall, has 7 floors and 200 Buddha, Bodhisattva and Arhat statues inside. It has the largest number of stone statues in Vietnam.

Linh Ung Pagoda - Vietnam Shore Excursions

The Five Marble Mountains

Visiting Marble Mountain Da Nang, visitors can explore the breathtaking beauty of the natural landscape, immerse yourself in nature or learn more about the nation’s culture. The five mountains are home to many magnificent caves, tunnels, temples and pagodas waiting to be discovered.

  • Moc Son – Wood Mountain: Home to a special human-shaped Co Mu Stone
  • Tho Son – Earth Mountain: The lowest and longest mountain
  • Hoa Son – Fire Mountain: Home to two other mountains
  • Thuy Son – Water Mountain: The biggest and most beautiful mountain
  • Kim Son – Metal Mountain: Home to the famous Quan The Am Pagoda

The Five Marble Mountains - Vietnam Shore Excursions

Huyen Khong Cave

Huyen Khong Cave is one of the most magnificent and largest caves in the Marble Mountain Da Nang. Due to its open and unique structure, the sunlight shines from the top of the cave on the Buddha statue, creating a spectacular scenery. There are two small temples outside the cave: Chua Tien temple and Thuong Ngan temple where visitors come to pray for health and wealth.

During the wars, Huyen Khong Cave was used as a secret base for local revolutionary officers to plan military strategies and later became a field hospital to treat injured soldiers. Therefore, the cave is famous for its great historical values.

Huyen Khong Cave - Vietnam Shore Excursions

Am Phu Cave

Being one of the largest caves in the Marble Mountains, Am Phu Cave is the exact opposite of Huyen Khong Cave. “Am Phu” means “Hell”, thus the cave illustrates Buddhist’s hell – the future of wrong-doers after they pass away. According to Buddhism, if people keep doing bad things, after they die, they will go to hell instead of paradise.

Am Phu Cave is filled with dark, humid and scary features which illustrate many punishments that wrong-doers would go through. If you want to challenge your mentality and bravery, you should visit this place once.

Am Phu Cave - Vietnam Shore Excursions

Tam Thai Pagoda

Located on Water Mountain and surrounded by poetic nature, Tam Thai Pagoda is an ancient pagoda built in the 17th century under the Le Dynasty. Its entrance is a 3-door gate, and according to Buddhism, the middle gate is only for monks while the left one is for men and the right one is for women.

The pagoda has gone through many renovations throughout its history. Tam Thai Pagoda is recognized as a National Historical – Cultural Heritage Site and has become a spiritual destination for Buddhists.

Tam Thai Pagoda - Vietnam Shore Excursions

Marble Mountain Da Nang Map

How to Get to Marble Mountain from Da Nang?

Marble Mountains is 11km away from the center of Da Nang. Travelers can easily to go to get here via different transportations, such as motorbike, bus or taxi or book one of Da Nang Tours from Vietnam Shore Excursions:

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