Da Nang Railway Station Tickets Price & Schedules

da nang railway station

Da Nang Railway Station Overview

Da Nang Railway Station is one of Central Vietnam’s main train stations along the historic North-South “Reunification Line.” The railway station not only takes the role of transporting the passengers to and leaving Da Nang city but also it is the key to develop the economy and society of central Vietnam. Find useful information about the station in the below article: Da Nang railway station

da nang railway station
Da Nang Train Station

Where is the Da Nang Railway station?

Address: 202 Haiphong Street, Da Nang. From here, you can easily travel to other famous attractions in Thanh Khe, Hai Chau, Lien Chieu Districts.

Structure: The railway station consists of Main Station, Passenger Lounge, platforms, and luggage storage.

Behind the steam train engine is the main train station. Inside the main office, there are some printing-e-ticket machines and some cafeterias. There are 2 train station platforms in the railway station. After getting your ticket scanned, you will enter the passenger lounge that leads to the train station’s platforms.

The station’s platform is spacious so passengers can take a break while waiting for the train. It is equipped with 200 seats, toilets, and arrival and departure screen…Luggage storage is next to the ticket office where you can store your bags, and send your motorbike to desired places.

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History of Da Nang Railway Station

Da Nang Railway Station was built in 1902 and is an important part of Vietnam’s historic North-South Railway Line.

The total length of the railway from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city is 1 726 kilometers, and it took 34 years to complete the whole route.

In 1954, the system was heavily damaged by bombs during the Vietnam War. In 1975, when Vietnam got independence, Vietnam’s government began to restore the North and South railway line.

Until 1978, the Vietnamese government had fixed 27 tunnels, 158 stations, as well as 1334 bridges. The restoration is not only for transport but also as a symbol of a nation unified once again.

Each day, nearly 75,000 passengers travel through this Railway Station. Da Nang Railway Station serves regular train services within the city for local and international travelers daily. Da Nang train station is quite small compared to the other stations in the country, which sometimes makes the station overcrowded with travelers, especially during peak hours. The local government is considering upgrading the railway system as part of a master plan for 2030.

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Station Amenities

Da Nang’s station is small but still has most of the basics you might need for your trip. Da Nang Railway Station provides basic facilities in order to fulfill passengers’ needs.

hoi an to da nang railway station

Several facilities are provided at the train station, including public toilets, a waiting area, and a car park for the visitors. There are three shops inside the station selling snacks, coffee, and cold drinks, cigarettes, tissues, toothpaste, and other small necessities you may need for your train trip.

If you are looking for noodles and soups, there is a small coffee shop in front of the station selling them. Most of the shops at the railway station close by 5 p.m, and you can get a cold drink from the vending machines just outside the main station.

If you need cash, there is a Vietin Bank ATM just outside the station, next to the parking lot. Moreover, free Wi-Fi and restrooms are available in both the main station and ticket office.

The railway station also has a parking place with a 24-hour service. The parking place is located on the side of the steam engine, in front of the main building. You will be instructed by the officers here when you enter. The cost for keeping your bike here is 3.000 VND per day and 10.000 VND per night.

Besides the ticket office is the luggage office which is small. You can store your bags here, or send your motorbike ahead to your destination. 

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How to get the train tickets?

the boarding pass of train

At your hotel reception or the travel agency

This is an extra service that all the travel agencies, hotels do to make it convenient and easier for tourists. As you know, nowadays, services are available and easy to do. So if you don’t want to handle the hassle of buying the train tickets by yourself, just ask them for help!

At the train station

It’s easy to get the tickets at the Da Nang train station. Inside the main building, to the left is the ticket office. Because there are many people buying tickets so there is a small ticket machine just inside the main door to get the number as your turn number.

You can get the tickets on the same day or in advance. At the ticket counter, station employees will help you choose the proper ticket with departure time, the seat, train class, that meet your travel needs and budget.

Book an e-ticket online

Nowadays, there are some online platforms selling transport tickets including train tickets such as Baolau, 12GoAsia. So easily you can purchase train tickets online. They also offer some options for choosing your train class and train seat from a real-time graphic. Moreover, you can buy the online tickets via Vietnam Railways directly at www.dsvn.vn.

Da Nang Railway Station Map

How to get to Da Nang Railway Station

The distance from Hoi An ancient town to Da Nang Railway Station is about 30 kilometers, and you will need 40 minutes to get from Hoi An to Da Nang by car. It is easy to find the train station as you can see a vintage steam train’s engine, a special icon of the Da Nang railway station when you get there. If you want to have the best services, please contact Vietnam Shore Excursions.

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  • Taxi

Taxi is the most comfortable and convenient way to get to Danang Railway station. The price for a taxi from Hoian to Danang Railway station is around 15-20 USD per car. There are three main taxi companies in Danang: Vinasun, Tien Sa, and Mai Linh. These taxi brands are reliable and are meter taxis.

how to get to hoi an from da nang

  • Bus

Besides a taxi, you can take a local bus from Hoian to Danang Railway Station. From Hoian, you walk to the train station, take the yellow number one bus. From the bus stop, you can walk to the train station.  You use Google Maps to get the direction. Bus ticket prices start from 20,000 VND.

Da Nang Railway Station - Vietnam Shore Excursions

The bus runs every 20 minutes from 5:30 till 17:50. It takes half an hour to get from Hoian to the station.

Please see the exact route below:

Hoian bus station- Le Van Hien – Ngu Hang Son – Tran Thi Ly bridge – Duy Tan – Nui Thanh – Trung Nu Vuong – Tran Phu – Hung Vuong – Chi Lang – Le Duan – Ong Ich Khien – Nguyen Tat Thanh – Ha Khe – Ha Huy Tap – Dien Bien Phu – Ton Duc Thang – Danang railway station

  • Motorbike

Motorbikes are the most effective and flexible way of getting to the railway. And they would provide an exciting experience in exploring the city.

Trains from and to Da Nang Railway Station

Da Nang Station welcomes the train trip from the North to the South and vice versa that stop for a long time to collect the huge number of passengers in the city.

Besides North-South routes, the train station offers other routines such as Da Nang – Hue; Da Nang – Quang Binh; Da Nang – Vinh; Da Nang – Quy Nhon; Da Nang – Ho Chi Minh city.

From the north to the south, the trains are coded with odd numbers: E1, S1, S3, S5, S7, and SD1 while from the South to the North, they are coded with even numbers: E2, S2, S4, S6, and S8.

Please see the schedule for the train to and from Danang railway station below:

Train NumberDeparture StationPrevious StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeStoppting Time (minutes)Following StationDeparture Sation
SE 21HueLang Co09:4009:4515Tra TrieuSaigon
SE 5HanoiHue01:0601:2115Quang NgaiSaigon
SE 1HanoiHue01:0601:2115Quang NgaiSaigon
SE 7HanoiHue11:0511:2520Tam KySaigon
SE 3HanoiHue22:2122:3615Tam KySaigon
SE 9HanoiHue07:3507:5015Tam KySaigon
SE 20Da NangDa Nang21:2421:317Dong HaHanoi
SE 6SaigonQuang Ngai02:0802:2315HueHanoi
SE 10SaigonTra Trieu09:4810:0315HueHanoi
SE 8SaigonTam Ky22:4923:0415HueHanoi
SE 2SaigonTam Ky13:3513:5520HueHanoi
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